our first garden

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I’ve dreamed of having my own garden since that magical trip to Portland (12 years ago!) where a dear, dear friend of mine and I made dinner together. I’m sure that some of what I remember is now embellishment, but there were salad greens from the backyard garden and yummy vegan eats with some Prince playing in the background.

That moment is the first time I remember feeling like an adult. Not because I was older and making a fancy dinner like grown-ups do, but because I had made a series of itty bitty choices that landed me in that house in Portland. I felt like an adult because I realized that it was totally within my control to MAKE happy moments. Gardens = Adult = Happy… or something like that.

And now? Now we are starting our first garden as a family in pots with our 8yo daughter as a driving force. I am feeling oh so grown up again. I choose THIS particular happy, with my rockstar husband and awesome daughter, every day and am looking forward to all that the garden and future has in store for us.

We have tomatoes, jalapeños, red peppers and basil. I think we may have some watermelons and eggplant soon, too. Will hopefully have more to report as our work starts to take shape.


  1. Anna says

    That was a magical garden! I’m glad you remember it, but I forget the names of the silly boys we were dating. I think they almost came to blows in a debate over digital vs. analogue formats. . . ah, the 1990’s.

    I bet your garden will be magical too.

    • lucky for us, the boys were temporary lapses in judgement. hehe. we shall cook together again!

  2. Oh, I love this post! That’s exactly how I feel about gardens, and I can’t wait to finally have my forever-grden, when we move into our forever-home. I feel like building a garden is the ultimate act of “digging in”. You are really home when you have a garden growing outside. Good luck with yours!! I wish you many beautiful veggies and fancy dinners.

  3. hellz yes! i’m so excited for you. want more pics!!! sounds like you have lots going. can’t wait to see how it goes.

    • definitely will be more pictures. first time doing this so i am expecting success to be on the low end. shall see how it goes.

  4. Congrats and good luck! I’m interested to know how it goes. We are planting our garden today. A little late, but better than nothing.

    • We started a bit late, too. We did it all in containers and am hoping that it will make up for our late planning.

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