one week left

smokey encounter on one of the hottest days of summer

Not sure what happened to our summer this year. We’ve been busy, busy, busy. There has been more work than in summers past (for me anyways) and squeezing in fun for the 8yo has meant finding time in the evening to get stuff done. Even the weekends have been packed and we are all a little worn out.

Its gonna be tough to acclimate our bodies and diets back to a school-friendly schedule, but I am really looking forward to the structure again. That structure has me logging out and stepping away from the computer by 8pm. That structure reminds me to be home on weekdays by 5:00 if we plan on eating a home cooked meal. That structure screams, “You only have 3-5 hours on weekdays to stay connected to your almost-nine year old!”

That structure has my back.

Bring on the early morning rises, lunches and workdays that end at 3pm instead of midnight. 😉

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