tomorrow is the big day

I did a huge overhaul of my RSS feed at the end of 2012. The list had gotten totally out of control and I found myself marking things as read instead of reading. I made my switch to Bloglovin around then and am happy to report that I am now enjoying the interwebs again! I have six months of use stashed under my belt now and have found the following to be true:

  • I am visiting actual blogs (instead of reading text from them in a feed).
  • I am reading entire posts.
  • I am commenting way more often.

I don’t have the thousands of followers that many bloggers are searching to hold on to, but if you have enjoyed checking in on me be sure to add me over at Bloglovin or Feedly.


In other news… I picked up this gorgeous trunk-full of veggies yesterday. Been cooking like mad all weekend and am firing up the water-bath canner tonight to pickle peppers and put up more tomatoes.

Enjoy the slightly cooler Sunday and see you tomorrow!

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