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saturday at the market

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all things food
beets! |

Picked up our CSA share today and we are stoked to have beets, carrots, turnips, sweet potatoes, spinach, broccoli, collards, cilantro, tomatoes and kohlrabi to cook with this coming week. Also… I got a new “toy” and it feels awesome to have an SLR in my hands again. The weight. The control. Took it out for its first whirl at the market today and am really excited about shooting food (and everything else in my […]

growing up on farmers’ markets

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austin / familia
farmers' market memories |

It is no secret that I relish my trips to the farmers’ market. Even as a kid in Dallas, they were a regular occurrence on Saturday mornings. There would be occasional cases of avocados, flats of strawberries, and oranges in the winter, but we were there to get my mama’s staples for the most part – tomatoes, peppers, onions, cilantro and the beans that she would pick up from this one vendor. They were sooooo […]

tomorrow is the big day

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I did a huge overhaul of my RSS feed at the end of 2012. The list had gotten totally out of control and I found myself marking things as read instead of reading. I made my switch to Bloglovin around then and am happy to report that I am now enjoying the interwebs again! I have six months of use stashed under my belt now and have found the following to be true: I am visiting […]

yesterday’s market stash

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cooking in season
yesterday's market stash |

I am crossing my fingers that the dishwasher repair guy will yield fabulous results tomorrow and am prepping myself for a week of yum in the kitchen with our CSA stash: Rainbow chard Daikon Salad turnips Salad mix Kohlrabi Parsley Spinach Fennel Parsnips Beets Leeks!! What are you cooking this week? P.S. I have officially maxed out on loquats. It was bound to happen.

saturday’s market stash

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cooking in season
saturday's market stash |

Stoked for the large stash that was waiting for us at the market today: Mixed Lettuce Fennel Spinach Beets (and greens) Carrots Bok Choi Grapefruit Oranges Eggs Parsley Kohlrabi Radishes Green Onions Beets and their greens have already been juiced. Spinach went into a quick mid-day batch of spaghetti with pepper and lemon and am trying to figure out what kind of dressing to make for the week’s salads. What are you cooking? P.S. Toes […]