vegetarian meal plan - july 14 |

vegetarian meal plan – july 14, 2014

vegetarian meal plan - july 14 | aneelee.wordpress.comThe 10yo started her 3-week writing camp today and there is nothing like having to be somewhere to kick the routine back into your day. Most of the stuff in this week’s meal plan I can make without referencing a single cookbook which should keep prep time uncomplicated.

Veggie Burgers | Crispy Okra
Black Bean & Rice Bowls
BLTs (with tofu bacon) | Coconut Corn Salad
Grilled Pizzas

Melon Slices
Fresh Cherries & Cherry Popsicles
Mango-Coconut Smoothies
Quick Bread (TBD)
Eggplant Crisps

Pickled Red Onions
Cherries in Syrup

The only veggie that I have not yet accounted for is the zucchini in the house. There is just so much of it. What are you eating this week? Any ideas for zucchini?


P.S. My summer canning frenzy is finally coming to a close. Will post a #tomatolandia update later in the week.

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