veggie meal plan – july 21, 2014

We are officially swimming in figs. Needless to say that this week’s meal plan will feature lots of ’em. I ran out of space in the fridge on Wednesday last week so I only have 4 meals planned. Getting our cooking/leftover rhythm figured out is top of mind this week as is stocking the freezer with cold treats and some quick dinners.

Brown-sugar Roasted Fig Oatmeal
Yogurt, Coconut Granola & Fresh Figs
Zucchini Bread & Peach-Banana Smoothies
Farmer’s Breakfast

Fig Leaf Coconut Rice
Oven-baked Black Flautas or Grilled Quesadillas, Rice, Cucumber Salad
Sandwiches, Soup (TBD)
Mung Beans & Rice with Spicy Tomatoes

Other Stuff
Watermelon Agua Fresca & Popsicles
Coconut-Fig Popsicles (based on these)
Homemade Pizzas for Freezer
Homemade Fig Bars
Chunky Fig Jam
Pickled Jalapeños

P.S. The pantry is now fully stocked!

veggie meal plan - july 21 |

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