veggie meal plan – february 15, 2015

I’ve spent every spare moment this weekend in the kitchen. Washing greens, shredding cabbage, roasting veggies, and getting the fridge armed with basics (grains, legumes, dip, salad dressings, etc.) makes it a kazillion times easier to reach for something reasonably healthy when the hunger pangs strike. My sweet tooth this week will be satiated with homemade popsicles (I am ignoring the cold in the forecast) and our stash of homemade preserves.

salpicon | aneelee.comBreakfast
Grains & Kale Pesto Scramble
Black Bean Tacos
Overnight Steel Cut Oats
Yogurt and Granola with Strawberry-Vanilla Preserves
Sweet Potato Waffles

Vegetarian Puchero
Celery Root & Pesto Risotto* | Spinach Salads with Mustard Vinaigrette**
Vegetarian Tan-Tan Noodles***
Sesame Broccoli & Tofu Salad with Sesame Garlic Dressing
Grains, Tofu & Tangled Collards^
Potato & Kale Tacos

Roasted Beets & Brussel Sprouts
Sweet Potato Cakes (based on these)
Grapefruit Paletas
Almond Milk-Banana Smoothies
Raw Carrots

Thank you to ATXSwappers for helping fill in our meals this week. I scored some lovely beer mustard, lemon-basil pesto, and strawberry preserves that are making this week’s meals a little more special.

* The Bon Appetite Fast, Easy, Fresh Cookbook
** Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
*** The Heart of the Plate
^ Vegetable Literacy

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