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one-bowl whole wheat pancakes

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one-bowl recipe: whole wheat pancakes |

We really look forward to lazy, pajama-clad mornings where we mosey about and breakfast happens when it happens. Food begins with some fruit and from there we transition into some reading/lounging with some coffee or freshly squeezed juice in hand. Tummies start to grumble and we finally get to the business of putting a meal on the table. These fluffy whole wheat wonders are awesome ’cause they come together in the few minutes it takes […]

overnight steel cut oats (in a jar)

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overnight steel cut oats (in a jar) |

Overnight steel cut oats have become a crutch in our morning routine. Not even a taco comes together as easily as these. I can whip them up in the evening and have a filling breakfast ready for the 9yo ready before my body even realizes that it needs caffeine. They also make a perfect, packable (already in a jar) breakfast for taking to the office. Our favorite add-ins: almond milk, brown sugar or honey, pear […]

meal plan – august 14, 2012

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food-related / vegetarian meal plans

School is starting in a couple of weeks and we really have to get ready. Aside from replenishing our pencil stash and getting her a “big kid” backpack that can actually hold books (yikes, 4th grade!), we’ll be staying away from the shopping craze that seems to take over the retail world. What WE need to work on is our morning and lunch food routines. Right now, everyone does a self-serve when they make their […]

recipe: steam-fried eggs

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comida mexicana / recipes

Feliz Año Nuevo! Just a quick post to show one of our most-favorite breakfasts in the whole wide world – steam-fried eggs with black beans and homemade salsa. If you’ve already got beans and salsa in the fridge, it’s a super-quick whip-up that even I can manage before my first cup of coffee.

eating non-stop over here | menu – july 24

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vegetarian meal plans

First and foremost, accept my apologies. We have been enjoying the oodles of summer veggies and I’ve been cooking sooooo much that I’ve rarely had energy left to write things down. The life that pulses around our kitchen seems to have steadied and so I finally feel like I can take a sec to THINK about what comes next. We only have other 5 dinners to cook before our next CSA pick-up, but with the […]

recipe: stovetop granola

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Discovering that I can make granola on the stovetop was one of my biggest AHA kitchen moments ever. Turning the oven on in the insanity that is the Texas summer is nearly impossible, but granola is a household staple that we can’t really manage most weeks without. It’s super-easy, doesn’t get the house all hot and lends itself to mid-stream corrections and alterations should you find that you have a handful of walnuts or want to […]

slowing down | menu for week of april 26

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vegetarian meal plans

I woke up over the weekend in our new bed at our new place and realized that I hadn’t really had a good night’s sleep for weeks (and possibly months). The busy and the stress seeped into everything and I think we’ve all been running blind and fast for too long now. It has affected our eating as well. We’ll eat quickly, sometimes standing, not together and only in bits and pieces and I am […]

favorite yogurt pancakes

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cooking with kids

I’ll preface this post by saying that I heart my daughter’s love of cooking. Allowing her full access to the kitchen means that she knows what it takes to get a full and healthy meal on the table. The whining at the table has subsided ’cause she knows firsthand how hard her mama works in the kitchen. And yes, she still complains about not liking some things (tomatoes are not her friends). And yes, I […]