meal plan – august 14, 2012

School is starting in a couple of weeks and we really have to get ready. Aside from replenishing our pencil stash and getting her a “big kid” backpack that can actually hold books (yikes, 4th grade!), we’ll be staying away from the shopping craze that seems to take over the retail world. What WE need to work on is our morning and lunch food routines. Right now, everyone does a self-serve when they make their way downstairs for breakfast to hold off the hunger pangs and we then… much, much later, get around to an actual meal. As for lunch… there has been absolutely no rhythm.

Yesterday was the first time that we set an alarm and tried to get a hot breakfast together and um… the food was yummy, but there is no way that we would have gotten to school even near on time. Practice, practice, practice!

Yogurt, Granola & Pears (or Pear Butter)
Summer Veggie Omelettes | Fresh Fruit
Banana-Walnut Muffins | Almond Milk Smoothies
Oatmeal in Jars

Black Bean Vegetarian Chile
Wraps – Roasted Red Peppers, Baba Ghanoush, Fresh Veggies & Quinoa
Spinach, Pear & Walnuts Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette | Winter Squash Soup
Faux Pho with Ramen Noodles

Other Stuff
Pickled Serranos & Red Onions
Pear or Apple Sauce

I’ve thrown a few quick breakfast ideas into our weekly meal plan to help us get through the week. I’m hoping that having a quick list to glance at will help with the much-needed clarity that I’ll need in the weeks ahead. Oosh.

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