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taco cleanse day 4 – MILD achieved

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taco cleanse day 4 |

I may have gotten a little ahead of myself by diving into a week-long devotion to tacos. A HOT cleanse is intense and I am now in awe of the FUEGO cleansers – @veganlazysmurf and @lonestarplate.  Anything beyond a MILD really requires some advance conditioning and I was naive to think that my casual schmearing of refried black beans onto a corn tortilla was going to be enough to prepare me for the mental game that is […]

taco fixings… on a plate

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taco fixings |

I am learning more and more about this thing called discipline and where I’m good at it: – Cooking from scratch? Hells yeah. – Work? Solid. – Housework? So-so. – Food? Aside from my mainstay – being vegetarian – not so much. If I want a pickle, I’ll have a pickle. If I’m craving hummus, I’ll make it. And sadly, if a taco is not jiving with the mornings urges, I give in. I had […]

taco cleanse day 1

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02/21 taco cleanse |

Eating tacos every day is really not that big a deal if you’ve been schmearing refried black beans onto corn tortillas for sustenance since age 5. Eating tacos every day for every meal for seven straight days does take a bit of planning though. Day one went fabulously in spite of no air conditioning and a pretty raw mood. Bank was not broken. Diet was not severely altered. New favorite spot was revealed.  I even managed to […]

vegetarian meal plan + tacos – september 8, 2013

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vegetarian meal plans

This week is going to work a little bit differently because I will be doing a week-long taco cleanse in support of the brave Austin food bloggers that are taco-cleansing for the entire month of September! That means tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner for me every day for seven straight days. The fam has agreed to join me for a MILD challenge (one day) with intermittent support throughout the week as I try to make […]