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weekday preserving

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preserving the seasons

Blanching and peeling are decidedly NOT weekday activities, so I took on some oven-roasted tomatoes (for the freezer) and ketchup today. I’m working on a longer post where I’ll talk through some of my favorite tricks and sanity-savings suggestions for those of you that are embarking on your first canning adventures. I promise that it is totally doable!

ketchup and okra

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cooking in season

A couple of really fun things happened in the kitchen this weekend: Ketchup I picked up some more tomatoes and decided to turn the small batch (about 4-5 pounds) into ketchup. With Food in Jars planted firmly at my kitchen counter, I simmered the tomatoes down and made the entire house crave french fries. We tried them out at breakfast with a quick batch of home fries and even the 8yo, who is not a […]

summer done right

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Our summer break officially began earlier this week, but that rewarding finish line with cheers and sigh of relief that you expect deserve after running a mad dash for nearly a month? Not even the 8yo was feeling it. The lazy pajama morning that I had been looking forward to was nice and all, but maybe just a little bit anti-climactic. No hoorah and no summer soundtracks roaring in the background. It has taken us a […]

tortilla soup leftovers

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comida mexicana

tortilla soup leftovers, a photo by a_neelee on Flickr. We have been on a mushy food diet for a full week following my husband’s dental surgery. He had 4 wisdom teeth removed (OUCH!!) and I am doing my best to keep him fed with tasty somethings. Pardon the quick post. Wanted to give the flickr share to wordpress tool a whirl. Hope you all had a great memorial day! Via Flickr: all that is left […]