summer done right

Our summer break officially began earlier this week, but that rewarding finish line with cheers and sigh of relief that you expect deserve after running a mad dash for nearly a month? Not even the 8yo was feeling it. The lazy pajama morning that I had been looking forward to was nice and all, but maybe just a little bit anti-climactic. No hoorah and no summer soundtracks roaring in the background.

It has taken us a few days, but I think we may have finally arrived at the summer break that we want – one that is filled with good friends, long chats, family time (!!), home-cooked food and as much intention that we can cram in between the thumb-twiddling without feeling like we are over-scheduled. The gifted tomatoes pictured above and time spent with a good friend, that I don’t get to connect with often enough, were just the push I needed to shake it off and just get to the do that needed doing.

Have a great summer break!

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