this week’s CSA score

We are so psyched to be back at our CSA. We started last spring and fell in love with Johnson’s Backyard Garden. Our local, organic produce was beautiful, bountiful, and when picked up every other week, the perfect amount of produce for our small vegetarian family of three.

We took a break for six months last year to see how our budget would fare if we tried to shop in season at our local grocery stores, but often found the pickings mediocre and rarely came out spending less than what our CSA share would have been.

So, we are back and delighted that they’ve added more options for pick-ups. We’ll be picking up our share box at the Austin Farmer’s Market at the Triangle every other Wednesday along with any other goodies that are in season.

Tomorrow I get down to the business of planning a week or two worth of meals around our pickings:

Salad Greens
Bok Choi
Green Garlic

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