flying solo in the kitchen | menu notes

It usually takes me a solid couple of weeks to acclimate to all the free time that I have once my daughter starts school. After a summer of quick recipes to feed pool-tired bodies and no-cook meals to keep the house cool, it’s difficult to sit in the quiet and crack open the cookbooks. I’m trying though! I have a couple of new things that I am trying for the remaining few days of the week and I’m hoping to get cranking a bit more now that I have more time. With that said, dinner is still going to stay simple this week with some good ol’ comfort food squeezed in to give my fam’s home-craving tummies a smile.

Baba Ghanoush | Hummus | Fresh Veggies
Black beans | Mexican Rice | Homemade Tortillas | Salsa Casera
Sweet Potato and Poblano Salad with Honey and Rosemary
Vegetable Biryani
Macaroni & Cheese

My daughter (which is now 7!!!) put together a lunch menu of her own for her first week of school and I am doing my best to comply with her wishes. Her menu looked a little like this:
Spinach & Feta Quiche | Watermelon | Carrots | Rice Cake
PB, Banana & Honey sandwich | Fresh Mozzarella | Rice Cake | Strawberries | Crackers
Baked potato | Muffin | Fruit | Boiled Egg
Nachos | Fruit | Horchata
Mac-N-Cheese | Broccoli | Fruit | Granola Bar
That nachos and horchata meal might have to be delivered at lunch time, but its a first week of school concession that I am willing to make for a little girl that includes food in her thoughts of perfection.
Be kind. Be patient. Eat well.

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