CSA | september 9, 2010

We still have peppers and zucchini and tomatoes, but today we got green stuff in the box arugula, bok choi and chard! The bok choi went into today’s quickie meal of stir fry and the chard is headed straight for a tortilla with some potatoes and homemade salsa.

Complete stock of the box:

Bok Choi
Arugula (!)
One Little Zucchini
Red Onions
White Onions
Sweet Potatoes
Acorn Squash
Green Onions (or maybe it is Garlic)
Assortment of peppers
Little bag of hot peppers

I’m gonna give the okra one last go. I’ve discovered that I am not a fan of the veggie unless it is deep-fried in some batter and… really… I think that means that really… I don’t like it. I’m gonna go the indian route this week, attempting to slather it in a curry or tarka of some sort. We’ll see how it goes.

Be kind. Be patient. Eat well.


  1. Tammy McLeod

    Okra is equally challenging in our house although for some reason it hasn’t been in my CSA yet. Over at PranisKitchen, there is a recipe for okra curry that I thought I’d try in case we get hit by another deluge. Good luck.

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