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weekend cooking

This weekend has been about stocking the kitchen. She starts school and we are bidding farewell to our summer work schedule. No more 10am breakfast starts. No more makeshift work laps around town. I can work at my desk if I want to!

It’s been a whole 3 months since I’ve had to deal with regular meal times, so I felt like I had to get ready. I am depending on the remainder of the day to finish off my list. Items marked with an asterisk (*) have yet to be done. There’s a meal plan in that list somewhere. Will pull it together later tonight.

Blacks beans
Black bean broth
Chickpeas for salad
Asian vegetable broth
Multi-grain waffles
Watermelon popsicles
Pear butter
Pickled mixed peppers
Banana-oat muffins
* Summer veggie burgers
* Roasted pepper hummus
* Quiche
* Salsa casera

weekend cooking | aneelee.wordpress.com

Double batches of weekend waffles are one of my favorite weekday shortcuts. Fresh weekend waffles, turn into toaster-ready, frozen waffles for busy mornings. Cook them a little lighter than you normally would to prevent toaster-burned waffles. 😉

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