vegetarian meal plan – week one

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vegetarian meal plans

First and foremost, hello! It has been ages since I’ve pulled together anything more than a handful of mental notes on “what it would be nice to eat this week” and this meal plan is long overdue. We will be taking advantage of our CSA stash this week which has filled our fridge with greens, and greens, and more greens.

I’m sure many of you are trying to get back to healthier fare in your day-to-day meals and I hope the following list of vegetarian meal ideas inspires you to at the very least get some more veggies and whole grains into the mix.

lunch bowl |


Bean, Kale & Potato Tacos
Baked Oatmeal*
Yogurt, Peach Preserves, and Granola
Greens & Grain Scramble ^

Meals (Lunch & Dinner)
Winter Taco Salad
Mixed Green Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette
Tempeh with Shoyu Butter **
Steamed Chayotes with Picadillo + Frijoles Colados
Caldo de Papa
Spaghetti Squash with Chickpeas & Kale
Veggie version of this Pantry Soup

Cold Soba Noodles **
Honey & Oat Granola Bars
Carrots + Red Lentil Hummus **
Grapefruits + Oranges
Roasted Beets

I’m excited about my latest cookbook addition (Near & Far) so there are a handful of references to it in this week’s meal plan. Some other regulars are in the mix as well.

* Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson
^ Whole Grain Mornings by Megan Gordon
** Near & Far by Heidi Swanson

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vegetarian. mama. love to cook, read, knit, take pictures and make things. places where food, memory, and culture intersect are my favorite.


    • it is pretty fantastic and surprisingly pantry friendly. was able to pull together meals from it from day one without a trip to the grocery store!

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