veggie meal plan – march 25, 2015

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vegetarian meal plans

Have been working from my handwritten notes for this week’s meal plan. Haven’t quite cleared through the rough (my turn in bed started a couple of nights ago), but we are getting there. He has been an absolute champ and is bringing the smiles full on. Love him.

Digital capture of the analog meal plan below:

veggie meal plan - 3/25/15 |

I’ll get links up to some of the recipes shortly.

storing all the CSA vegetables

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vegetarian meal plans
prepping the CSA stash |

I got a really solid start on cooking over the weekend and thought I should take advantage of this moment to talk about what my weekend vegetable prep looks like. A CSA share can be intimidating for the uninitiated – it is A LOT of vegetable to deal with at once, but it is totally possible if you can set aside the time to properly wash and store your vegetables as soon as you get home with them. We do a CSA pick up (Large Box from JBG) every other week. We’ll be running low or down to just root veggies by the last couple of days, but for the most part this lasts us for a whole two weeks.

Here’s what I did this weekend:

  • Lettuce – Eat salads on first day. Wash, dry, and divide remainder into jars for salads on the go.
  • Kale – Pull greens off stems, wash, dry, and store in fridge in vented plastic container.
  • Spinach – Wash, dry, and store in fridge in vented plastic container.
  • Collards – Trim ends off half and place, stems down, in a bowl or jar with a bit of water on counter. Wash, dry, ribbon, and store other half like other greens in fridge.
  • Cabbage – Shred entire cabbage and store in fridge.
  • Carrots – Scrub and store in water in fridge.
  • Daikon – Julienne all of the daikon. Use half in quick pickles; store other half in fridge for addition to salads or stir fries.
  • Sweet Potatoes – Scrub, peel, steam, and store in fridge.
  • Radishes – Scrub, vacuum seal into reusable bags, and store in crisper drawer.
  • Beets – Roast, peel, quarter, and store in fridge.
  • Brussel Sprouts – Wash, dry, and store in fridge in vented plastic container.
  • Spring Onions – Slice and store in fridge.
  • Artichokes – Wash.

It is a sizeable stash and fitting it all in the fridge took some real-world Tetris, but I am set for the week and have a jump-start on meal prep for most days. I’m trying to structure my meal plan a little differently for this week so you can get a better idea of how all this prep breaks down into meals. Should have that up by tomorrow.

P.S. There are two products in particular that I have come to cherish on Saturday afternoons – the Rubbermaid Produce Saver line and my FoodSaver handheld vacuum sealer with reusable bags. Neither kitchen addition was terribly expensive and both have made a huge difference in the life of my veggies. I strongly recommend them.

first spring market

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cooking in season
first spring market |

We went to the market this morning to pick up our CSA stash (the first of the Spring) and could not resist these little beauties. Also came home with sweet potatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts, collards, kale, spinach, lettuce, radishes, beets, daikon, cabbage and spring onions. Will spend the better part of Saturday cleaning and prepping everything for the week.

As for the artichokes… scouring the cookbook collection to stop my reflex to steam and dip in butter.

veggie meal plan – march 9, 2015

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Posting a bit late, but did manage to get a jumpstart on some food stuffs for the week. We’ll be squeezing in as much as we can work-wise before our lovely little city gets flooded with this madness and what we hope is a MUCH warmer Spring Break.

Smoothie Bowls with Granola & Fresh Berries
Black Bean, Kale & Potato Tacos
Brussel Sprout Scramble | Avocado Toast
Huevos Cuahtemoc
Bagels & Grapefruit
Morning Glory Oats

Lunches & Dinners
Lentil Minestrone* | Romaine Salad with Garlic-Lemon Vinaigrette
Homemade Spaghettios (vegan version of this)
Soy Sauce Noodles
Simple Swiss Chard Pasta
Codzitos & Frijoles Refritos
Lentil Meatballs on Greens
Veggie Sandwiches | Parsnip Fries
Hummus Wraps

Pita Chips
Raw Carrots
Salsa Experiments

Have a great week!

* Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

almost a normal sunday

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If we ignore the fact that the time change seems to have stolen our entire day, all is well. The sick seems to have finally been escorted out and I am trying to remind myself that this rain and grey is a much-needed respite for the green things outside.

Simmering soup.
Enjoying the sound of the spirited checker game in the next room. 
Listening to some of Omega Supreme Record’s funk offerings.

vegetarian eats to the south

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We moved to Austin from Lakewood (in Dallas) about nine years ago, but it wasn’t ’til we moved South of the River (SOTR) that we decided Austin was for keeps. South Austin was home and we knew it the second we landed here – the quirk, the homegrown vibe, and its laid back attitude matched us perfectly. Explore some of our favorite vegetarian eats if you find yourself just SOTR or if you venture further into the belly of glorious Way South Austin (our new home). Reviews and links to recommendations from some of our other food bloggers just beyond… Read More

vegetarian eats – SWAD

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SWAD vegetarian | austin city guide |

It took me forever to find this all-vegetarian gem in North Austin. It’s tucked away in a strip mall on far North Lamar and the distance is the only thing that keeps us from regular weekly visits. Its interior and fixings are as unassuming as the strip mall it calls home, but there is nothing modest about the flavors that explode with every bite taken. Read More

vegetarian eats to the east

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vegetarian eats to the east |

Although our family and personal lives are cemented south of the river, the East Side has become a nice extension of our life here in Austin. It’s where we headquartered our work life for two years and so we spent quite a bit of time lolligagging about in coffee shops and eating spots. We aren’t there during the work week as much these days, but make our way to our favorite spots whenever we can carve some time out: Read More