every other week | meal plan | july 7, 2010

We do our CSA pick-up every other week and, for the most part, that frequency seems to work for us. Every week would mean gifting lots of food (lovely, but expensive habit) and/or freezing leftovers (horror), so we stick to every other week and do our best to squeeze two weeks worth of meals out of our veggies by storing well and eating the most delicate veggies first.

So… in the fridge we still have green beans, eggplants, a couple of cucumbers, tomatoes, a squash and okra. The onions and garlic will keep for a bit. Everything else from last week’s photo has been eaten.

Quick plan for how to use what’s left:

Steamed Okra with Lemon Vinaigrette
Eggplant Lasagna
Mung Beans & Rice with Spicy Tomatoes*
Black Bean Burgers | Potato Salad | Sautéed Green Beans
Frittata with Squash, Tomatoes, Feta
Pitas with Hummus, Cukes & Sprouts

* Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

The challenge this week will be in slicing a significant chunk of a day for baking some bread and keeping the house cool while the lasagna bakes. Hmm.

Be kind. Be patient. Eat well.

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