quickie for busy week | menu – august 9, 2010

We have a REALLY busy week ahead of us! Like most, we have to get ready for school AND there is a new baby making its way into the family (maybe today) AND I have to spend a solid amount of time knitting doo-dads for the upcoming birthday celebration.

All that adds up to only small chunks of time for cooking. My slow cooker will be in heavy use and there will be lots of assembling. I try to keep a few things on hand for weeks like this to make my life easier  – beans, a quiche and sandwich fixings. I’m making an extra-large batch of my black beans this week so that I have enough on hand for the enfrijoladas that I have been craving.

Black Peppercorn Stock
Slow-Cooker Black Beans
Spinach & Feta Quiche
Dal Makhani
Stuffed Acorn Squashes
Potato Enfrijoladas
Grilled Corn a la Mexicana
Classic Veggie Sandwiches
Stovetop Macaroni & Cheese
Roasted Tomatillo Salsa
Salsa Casera

I’ll be picking CSA up on Thursday, so I may have a few late-week additions based on the box. Also gonna give a stab at a chocolate cake. We’re trying to stick to homemade for my daughter’s birthday later this month and I must practice. It’ll be my first cake!

Have a great one!

Be kind. Be patient. Eat well.

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