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tortilla soup leftovers

tortilla soup leftovers, a photo by a_neelee on Flickr. We have been on a mushy food diet for a full week following my husband’s dental surgery. He had 4 wisdom teeth removed (OUCH!!) and I am doing my best to keep him fed with tasty somethings. Pardon the quick post. Wanted to give the flickr […]


vegetarian recipe: fideo seco

Fideos are a household staple for Latin-American families across the country and it rivals a pressure-cooked pot of beans in ease. Growing up, we ate my mom’s variation of the dish that was affectionately referred to as sopita. Her “little soup” consisted of noodles in a tomato-chicken broth and we would slurp it up on […]


recipe: steam-fried eggs

Feliz Año Nuevo! Just a quick post to show one of our most-favorite breakfasts in the whole wide world – steam-fried eggs with black beans and homemade salsa. If you’ve already got beans and salsa in the fridge, it’s a super-quick whip-up that even I can manage before my first cup of coffee. My Steam-Fried […]


pumpkin delights

In the fall, grocery stores are filled with all things pum’kin – pies, bread, muffins, pancakes and lattes. Last year, we discovered what has now become our mostest favoritest pumpkin-infused treat ever – tortillas! There is this wonderful Austin-based tortilleria, Paqui Tortillas, that peddles the little round flats of heaven. They’re the kinda good that need […]


recipe: stovetop granola

Discovering that I can make granola on the stovetop was one of my biggest AHA kitchen moments ever. Turning the oven on in the insanity that is the Texas summer is nearly impossible, but granola is a household staple that we can’t really manage most weeks without. It’s super-easy, doesn’t get the house all hot and […]