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texas pepper sofrito

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texas pepper sofrito |

Although most commonly associated with Latin American cuisine, the use of a sofrito is common across cuisines from all over the world. Italian food (and most soups we are familiar with in the US) begin with a base of chopped celery, onion, and carrots, fried in oil or butter. Indian curries most often begin with a fry of onions, ginger and garlic. They’re about establishing a flavor base more than anything. The following sofrito bares […]

make soup with your tomatoes!

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Can you believe how mild our spring and summer has been so far? I don’t think I remember tomatoes arriving at the market with anything other than searing heat and blinding sunshine, but we’ve had plenty of grey and cool (in the evenings) this year and I am not complaining one bit. I think going so far as calling it soup weather may be a stretch, but we can at least pretend a bit. Scoot […]

pantry dinner – pasta and beans

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pasta and beans dinner |

I had planned to make a veggie version of a Pasta E Fagioli recipe the other day, but after a long afternoon of errands and house-hunting, I found it to be just a tad too fussy for my mood. It called for pureeing a portion of the beans and broth and a couple of other steps that weren’t meshing with the hungry lions that were pacing the kitchen. The ingredients for this version are easy […]

my 3-bean vegan chili

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I’ve had a chili post in the draft column for well over two years, but the recipe for my homemade chili would morph with every make. It started as a black bean chili with lots of sweet peppers and it has slowly drifted into a hardier, spicier and more “meaty” chili that has a lingering and mellow heat. It’s perfect for the cooler weather that we have ahead, but goes down just as easily with […]

recipe: vegetarian frijoles charros

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I will fess up from the get-go – pinto beans and I have not been friends. I grew up on the black beans that were familiar to my Yucatecan parents and well…. they don’t really eat pinto beans or flour tortillas or enchiladas or that rice with little carrots and peas in it. In my house, we grew up eating black beans, corn tortillas, lots of caldos (hence my love of thin, broth-filled soups) , […]

radishes and salpicon

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chopped radish & lime

Can you believe that no one in the house likes radishes? Well, no one besides me. I mean… look at them. How can you not love them?! I’ll admit that they can be a bit intense if you aren’t accustomed to the bright heat. That’s probably why my mother would serve them as salpicon, which I think means “the thing that is sprinkled.” The little bit of lime tempered the “bite” of the radish both in texture […]