meal plan – october 8, 2012

Check what you have before pulling a meal plan together. Repeat. It may seem like the most obvious of steps, but I can’t tell you how many times I skip the physical step of opening the fridge and then end up planning an entire meal around a spinach that there are only 5-skimpy leaves of. Doh.

I checked the fridge this week…

Soba Noodles, Gingered Bok Choi & Peppered Tofu Crisps in Miso
Spaghetti in Broccoli Cream Pesto
Eggplant Veggie Burgers | Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Beets
Summer Minestrone (last of the season?)
Garlicky Kale with Olives & Pine Nuts | Quinoa | Lentils

In other life news, I just wrapped up a HUGE chunk of work that had been weighing heavily on my plate for the past month. I am feeling optimistic about what lies ahead in food and the subsequent day-to-day life. Also have a little bit of special on the horizon – my husband’s birthday (which we must knock out of the park this year) and a chili contest (my first ever).

Don’t forget to check out my twitter feed (@aneelee) for the up-to-the-minute pix, exclamations and occasional grumblings on my day-to-day.


  1. Lauren

    Ooh, the soba noodles and bok choy sounds awesome. Do you use a recipe, or just wing it? I’m thinking of attempting it this week, since I am sick of bok choy stir frys….

  2. Lindsay Shugerman

    Your menu sounds so yummy! I have to get back to planning…we eat so much better when I do. And as a vegetarian family, we can’t just fall back on the “chicken and veg” meals so many others do! But oh, it is so worth it! Doing a hearty (vegetarian, of course!) stew tonight to use up the droopy veggies in the fridge before I shop tomorrow. Time to plan! Thanks for the reminder!

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