vegetarian meal plans

seasonal, vegetarian meal plans for a household of 3.

happy january

  Keeping meals nice and simple this week and mostly just working my way through the fridge stash ahead of our Saturday CSA pickup. MEALS Smokehouse Chickpeas with Greens & Tomato Soup * Potato & Kale Enchiladas Harira** Soba Noodle Bowls Quiche (with my new fave oatmeal & whole wheat crust)*** Quiche & Brussel Sprout Salad […]


veggie meal plan – 8/15/16

Good ol’ Hampshire College had a small farm on campus and a student-run coop with bulk bins, so I can pretty strongly delineate my attachment to eating local (hyper-local even) back to my college days. The practice started a little over 20 years ago and to this day, I (and now my family) eat what the local […]


CSA stash – 10/10/15

   The fall season marks the beginning of an 8-9 month watermelon mourning season. Perhaps more importantly though, it means the start of greens-washing season. Wash, spin, wash again, spin, and then lay out on a rag for its final drying stage before it gets portioned and sent to the fridge.  Today’s CSA stash means […]


CSA stash – 9/13/15

kale = fried rice, morning scrambles, maybe quinoa-kale cakes sweet potato greens = pesto or stir-fry sauce basil = pesto, vinaigrette zucchini = entomatadas sweet potatoes = waffles, soba bowls, puchero butternut squash = puree for freezer turnips = puchero cucumbers = salads, snacking eggplant = burgers for freezer spinach = entomatadas, salads spaghetti squash […]


no meal plan but…

We have a whole load of special to account for this week – the 11yo heads off on her first school trip of the year and we’ll be celebrating her 12th birthday as soon as she gets back. We (the adults) are going to take advantage of the few nights to by treating ourselves to some well-deserved, nice dinners […]


hanging in

Just a quick hello. I haven’t put a meal plan up in a couple of weeks because I am mostly working from my repertoire of old classics. You can find an archive of my spring meal plans here. I’ll get something fresh and exciting up as soon as I get my bearings.